Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fixing A Wiring Mess...Now I Have Radio! YAY!!

Well I knew I couldn't get the dash radio to work, and the 12vdc power points were dead.  It was time to go into the dash and put the old multimeter to work.

I lifted the top of the dash off, and was greeted with an unbelievable rats nest of wire, and for the most part no juice anywhere that it should be.

The best and easiest choice was to install a solenoid control fuse panel and move all the extra electronic add on items to a good source of protected power.

Who knows what the previous owner was thinking, but there were big wires spliced to small wires, with clips slipped under fuses.  All that stuff had to go.

I hooked the solenoid directly to the battery with a 40 amp circuit breaker protecting the 10 gauge supply wire.  That fed the fuse panel and each item now has it's own fuse.   Now I can easily narrow down any electrical problems, and more importantly the Sony CD/FM/AM radio in the dashboard is no longer a mystery.  

I've actually got tunes, and I can plug my GPS into the 12vdc power point and avoid getting lost.  Of course getting lost can be a lot of fun too!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Pace Is Ready To Leave It's Cage

All winter it's been buried in snow.  Spring has finally sprung, but the overburden of pine bows has still held my motorhome captive in the yard. This weekend it was time to breakout the chain saw and carve a path out of the yard and down the 700 ft' driveway to freedom on the open road.

The temps were perfect, not too hot, and plenty of sunshine.  Under that portable pile of brush behind my ATV is a well loaded trailer.  Once the driveway was widened, all the waste was hauled to the back side of the property, and piled to dry into next years kindling.


The best way to start a bonfire is with  dried brush loaded with lots of crispy pine needles.

Speaking of bonfires, the warm sunshine was all that was needed to bring out the need for a little pine smoke to make the morning perfect.  The cushions and umbrella came out, as did the two dogs, and everyone enjoyed the snap crackle of a fire while we sat around and took life easy.

Shortly I thought about opening the awning on the motorhome to let moisture from the winter snow dry.

Snow came last fall before I was able to check it out, now I know everything is ready to use and the fabric is in like new condition.  This is the first rig I've owned with awnings on all windows.  That feature will be appreciated when I head for the desert this fall.

I took the plastic tarps off the wheels, so now the motorhome looks pretty much ready to roll.  I still have one good sized project to take care of.  The original owner installed or had installed an
assortment of fancy pants electronic entertainment devices,  none of which do I plan on using.  The quality of the wiring done leaves much to be desired, and simple things like the 12 vdc power points don't work.  There is no power to the AM/FM radio, and who know what else doesn't work.

I plan on installing my own fuse panel for accessories, and do away with the sloppy wiring that is now my biggest concern under the dash.

My most important job this weekend was pruning the trees.  I surprised myself by getting more done,
and still enjoying the first BBQ of the season.  Nothing fancy, but the taste of charcoal told me there will be more enjoyable days this summer now that we have finally seen the last of the snow.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that one!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Cabin Remodel Is Done!

The past two weeks had me busting my tail to get the cabin finished and more presentable for prospective buyers.  Yes, it needed finishing to appeal to the feminine side of a couple looking for a secluded getaway.  Having a deer camp is fine, but when you're in this price range you need to get the Mrs. behind you to get the OK to buy.

Last week I remodeled the bathroom.  Nothing expensive or over the top, just enough that the lady of the house will be comfortable taking a shower.  The shower is an inexpensive model, and over time had yellowed to the most sickly looking shade.  Cleaning it was pretty ineffective, so the only option was to resurface it.

Using spray paint specifically designed for plastic, a good coat brought back the original white and sparkly clean look that all women seem to require.  The cloth shower curtain took a spin the the washer with some bleach returning it to a decent shade of
white as well.

The next step was to paint the room, I chose a bright Spring Green, hoping to bring some light into what was a dismal looking room due to the dark wood paneling.  It took two coats, but now the room shines and actually smells fresher as well.

The last step was the flooring.   Before it was concrete with a couple scraps of vinyl strategically placed so you could stand on something decent coming out of the shower.  Now it's one piece vinyl wall to wall. Again a light color to bring light into the space.

It's still not a fancy retreat, but at least it's clean, neat and very functional.

Next was the kitchen. It looked terrible with the water heater stacked on top of the water pressure tank, taking up space in the corner of the room. Also bare concrete there were a couple rugs but for the most part it looked terribly unfinished.

Now there is new vinyl flooring wall to wall and a closet has been erected to enclose the mechanical's of the house.  Again, not expensive, not difficult, but now the new bottom cabinets that were installed 2 years ago look much better with the rest of the room made to look equally as nice.  The upper cabinets still leave something to be desired, but the new owners can pick up the ball and run with it from this point.

I've done my part, there now is a functional kitchen with appliances where once there was an empty shell of a  room.

The last step for now is the second bedroom. For the past 2 years I've used it as a tool and material storage room.  With a bare concrete floor, it hardly passed as a bedroom.  Now it's properly stage, complete with a bed and recliner and new wall to wall carpet, even inside the closet.

Now the Realtor has something he can sell, and  hopefully it will go sooner rather than later.

Combined with the living room and master bedroom remodeling that was done over a year ago, now the whole house is pretty much done.  The last step will
be to lay the final bit of ceramic tile flooring in the entryway.  That last step should happen next week if my knees and back have recouped from this round of labor.    

It's been a big project, ripping out all the old and damaged material, right down to the studs in most rooms.

Now it's all built back up, and ready to sell.  Then next winter I'm headed to warmer climates.. I've had more than enough of Minnesota winters, I want to be a snowbird again.

So anybody out there interested in a  private getaway, located on 5 acres of very secluded pine forest that is further secluded being surrounded by thousands of acres of county forest, now's the time to act.

It's listed with a Realtor and is located in NW Wisconsin.

Plenty of lakes in the area, and it's just around the corner from the St. Croix river.

If hunting, fishing, canoeing, or boating is your thing this is just as convenient as lake property with only a fraction of the cost and taxes.  Also if you're into snowmobiling or ATVing, there is access right from the property. Head out the back door and the whole county is your's to explore.

Plus, this is the year my strawberries really produce. Planted two years ago, there will be a bumper crop of beautiful red deliciousness in the next couple months.

One last note...I'm selling it furnished, so you don't need to spend a lot on furnishings when you move in.  Just build a nice fire in the fire pit, pop a hot dog on a stick, and kick back and enjoy!