Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Classing Up The Motorhome Entryway

The carpeting throughout my 20 year old Pace Arrow looked terrible. Bleached by the sun to a pasty washed out almost white, the original pinkish mauve was not only out of style, it was just plain tired looking.

What looks worse than bad carpet?  Entryway stairs covered with the same sad material. Now beat to death from all those years of people going in and out.  Whoever came up with the notion of covering stairs into an RV with carpeting needed to have their head examined.

The idea of recovering the stairs in the same manner when I replaced the carpeting just didn't make sense to me. In no time the first impression of people coming in would be brought back to the fact that this rig is 20 yrs old.  Time to do something different.

Now understand, in my mind different doesn't have to mean expensive. Likely I did this mini-makeover for less money than if I had just slapped on some new carpet and called it good.

First step is to cut some pieces of 1/4" Luan plywood and line the stair well.  Luan plywood is the cheapest material at the home center and guess has one side that makes a pretty presentable grain surface for finer work. A couple sticks of unfinished mahogany trim makes the whole project look almost fancy.

A couple rubber step treads cut to fit, and a coat of polyurethane, and Wow! That entryway looks down right snazzy now!

Granted the project went fast for me, using an air powered brad nail gun and a table saw, but no matter you can do the same thing with a hammer and nail and possible a skill saw. I fastened the rubber treads with good old contact cement. That stuff will stick things forever!

For sure, it makes a statement now, and wasn't a big deal to pull off. Personally I think it adds a touch of class to the whole rig!

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