Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sebastian Inlet State Park. It Was A beautiful Day!

About 30 miles south, down hwy A1A, is Sebastian Inlet State Park. Just far enough down the road to get away from the busy city of Melbourne, this scenic little park really is what Florida is all about.

We took a day, and enjoyed the slower paced ride down the barrier island. The sky was clear blue, the temperature about 70. It was the perfect day to spend quality time with a special friend.

Once you leave the hurry hurry of everyday life behind, you can enjoy quiet conversation, beautiful scenery, and just connect with what Florida really
has to offer.  This truly is paradise!

It's been many years since I've been to Florida. Stationed in Jacksonville during my Coast Guard days, I attended Aviation Electrician school at the Naval Base.  Then in about 1987 it was the Disney experience that brought me back again.  Neither times did I  really get to know Florida, this trip opened my eyes.

Life along the ocean is peaceful.  The blue/green of the water brilliant and warm. This is a place where you can be alone as a couple and not even notice
that others are around you. It was a great way to just walk, talk, and feel the warmth of the sun giving the top of my near bald head a bright red glow.  You do have to be careful, the sun will sneak up on you.

While some surfed on wake boards, and others toted coolers and fishing gear down the pier, we just kicked back. Taking seats at a picnic table, my friend caught the attention of a gentleman walking unknowingly dragging a long scrap of fishing line caught on his heel.

We talked a while about the lost fishing tackle and
the danger it poses for birds and other wildlife in the area.  It all seemed so comfortable and natural, complete strangers chatting away like they were old friends.  That's how it is when you're in paradise, everyone is your friend, and it's all about enjoying the day.

We stayed for a couple hours, exploring the small fishing museum on one side of the highway than walking in the sand of the wide warm beach.

This time I managed to keep my pants dry, a good thing as we enjoyed a lunch of very good burgers
and fries at the onsite restaurant.

Built to resemble a beach house, the building contained both a gift shop and eatery to satisfy both your belly and the need to bring something back with you as a reminder.

As we walked out on the pier, some were walking back after a morning of fishing.

One older man was all dressed in a Carhartt jacket with knit cap on his head.  That's a clear sign of the difference between locals and snowbirds.
Local's think anything below +80 is cold and when it drops into the 60's it's absolutely frigid.

I know I was very comfortable in short sleeves, but this guy needed winter wear just to be outside.

For me, just the memory of this time in Florida will stick with me forever. I can understand why the locals call this place Paradise.  It truly is a great way to live.

Rest assured, I will be coming back soon!


SwankieWheels said...

You need to add Hawaii to the list of places you have been... I'm gonna make it... to Kayak Hawaii for my 70th birthday in May. http://swankiewheels.blogspot.com/2014/02/charlene-birthday-partymay-16-2014-b.html

Curtis Carper said...

Good for you! That finishes up your goal of kayaking in every state doesn't it? I've been to Hawaii twice...at midnight, in the airport, on my way overseas and again coming back during the Vietnam war years. I was only there for an hour each way to switch airplanes. Never saw anymore than the inside of the airport.

Anonymous said...

Curtis I appreciate you serving our country. My bother was a Marine. I hang in Brevard County a lot where you do a lot of your beach tours so if you ever need advice on a great place to eat or things to do email me - Jason Odom

Curtis Carper said...

thanks Jason