Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lunch At Grills Riverside Tiki Bar On Florida"s Space Coast

The Florida lifestyle for many seems to omit most home cooking from their daily activities. It's easy to see why with the huge proliferation of quality eateries ranging from hot dogs to fresh seafood or the best in quality steaks.

We started our week with lunch at Grills Riverside Tiki Bar. Arriving early for our noon meal, we avoided the usual crowd.  Securing a quiet table in the back corner, it was a great way to look out over the water and get a first taste of Florida cuisine.

We ordered the grilled Mahi-mahi fish sandwich.
combined with a tall glass of iced tea, it was both tasty and filling.

Mahi-mahi picks up the flavor of grilling very well and the freshness left no fish taste to take away from the perfect seasoning.

It was the perfect setting for two life long friends to reacquaint after many decades living there lives apart.

For this northerner, the weather was perfect.  For locals, they complained of the cold.  I know I was
very  comfortable and really enjoyed the meal, the company, and the setting.

After we ate, a stroll out on the pier gave us a great view of our surroundings and a chance to see some of the local birds and other sites.

The water along the Space Coast of Florida is a beautiful blue/green teal.  Very pristine, there is no pollution or debris.  Just clear water you can see through to the sandy floor.

For my first day in Florida this was the perfect start
to a wonderful week of enjoying everything the Space Coast has to offer.

Nothing can compare to enjoying the company of a special friend, an excellent meal, all while being in paradise.

I could really get used to this life!

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