Monday, January 20, 2014

Friends…New And Old!

Some would think a winter trip to Florida requires no more reason than to escape the grip of winter. True,
nothing beats a couple weeks south, when all is frozen and desolate back home.  Granted the timing seemed ideal to enjoy relief from the -20 below that was plaguing Northern Minnesota a few weeks back, but there was another reason to make the journey.

This trip was also intended for reuniting, and meeting, some long time friends,.  Some of which go back 40 years, one in particular that goes back 49 years. All the way to our early teenage years, when I became the somewhat adopted son that blended in so well with her family.

I’ve spent the past week enjoying the gracious hospitality of a special lady that I was very close to way back in the 60’s.   As teenagers we spent hours rowing around the lake at her family cabin, just talking.  Her quick wit, and sarcastic manner had us throwing jabs at each other whenever we were together.

In time she married, I married, we went our separate ways. A few years later her brother died, and I lost all contact with the family.  A few years ago she contacted me to see if I was interested in doing lunch.  We did, exchanging business cards, and off we went.  Back to our lives in opposite ends of the country. I emailed her a month later, but no response.

Recently I found her on Facebook.  It took modern technology for us to finally rekindle our friendship, and catch up on the past 4 plus decades.

These are special bonds between people. The ability to drop out of their lives for years at a time, yet when you come together you become closer than you ever were. Today we are from two different planets, our lives so dramatically different. No matter, we are still the best and closest of friends who can sit for hours and share memories and experiences.  Where life has taken us, what our hopes and dreams for the future are.

During the week I was able to spend time with her sister as well.  Stories of her brother, and our escapades as we grew from boys to men flowed late into the night.

This evening I will be meeting another friend, one whom I’ve yet to see in person.  Six years we’ve been writers for the same blog, The Fun Times Guide.  Me about RV’s and him about Coins and Weather.

Tomorrow a stop in Northern Florida to reunite with the brother of my old Coast Guard roommate.  We all used to ride dirt bikes in the mountains of Virginia back in the 70’s.

Then the Stealth Van gets pointed north again, it’s time to return home to more months of winter.  At least I took a break from the cold this winter.  Enjoying the warmth of the sun in Florida, and the warmth of some very dear friends.

Yes, this has been a grand trip.  It’s all about friends, both old and new!


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patrick price said...

Im in ft myers fl myself for the winter from Indiana and staying at a Holiday Inn parking lot. Been here 2 mths and no problems yet. I cringe when I watch the weather up there. Why would anyone sleep in their vehicle when you can just go south for the winter? Theres lots of $10 an hour jobs here, just look at craigs list alone. Any way ive got a sweat deal going on here. Walmarts are too noisy for me so I prefer hotel / motel parking lots.