Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1993 Pace Arrow Make Over Begins

So what's the first thing you do with a, new to you, second hand motorhome?  Start tearing it apart, right?  The camping season is about over here in the snow belt. Might as well get a jump on the updates we have planned for our 20 year old luxury coach.

It's only a minor inconvenience that we've already covered the old girl with a tarp.  By loosening a couple ropes, the main door still opens. The weather is cooperating for a couple days, so it's time to remove a few things we don't plan on using.

For many, the afternoon cocktail ritual is part of their daily routine. Not so for us. An ice maker, the size of a small refrigerator, was just taking up space in our small living room. Remember there are no slideouts, so things are a bit cramped.

Removal wasn't all that hard, just a handful of screws around the perimeter.  The only real issue was the front lip of the ice maker wouldn't slide over the carpet. I had to cut and roll the carpet out of the way to remove the machine.

Not a big deal though, the plan is to install new flooring too.

The cabinet around the ice machine was held in place with more screws.  Another few minutes and the space between the recliner and passenger seat was wide open.

The next item to go was the under counter coffee maker.  It slid right out with 4 screws holding the base plate.  Now we have more counter space too, which makes more sense for us.

The small percolator we've always used will do fine since I don't drink coffee at all.

Finally I removed the dash mounted AM/FM/CD radio. It's a model that can only be controlled with its remote control. Naturally that was the one remote that had mysteriously disappeared while it sat on the dealers lot.  Again not a huge deal since a new radio will only set me back about $75.

 The rest of my two day stay at the cabin was used taking care of more mundane maintenance.  I had noticed a nice layer of green corrosion on the start battery's, which cleaned up quickly with a paste of baking soda and water.  Of course I flushed the whole area with clean water when I was done. Sure don't want any corrosion to start in the battery box area.

As suspected my diligence in doing battle with rodents will continue with this motorhome, as it did with the last.  Mouse droppings had already arrived in some of the kitchen cupboards.  Luckily I found their entrance point. It was a good sized hole under the refrigerator, used for running wiring and plumbing under the floor.

I covered the hole with plywood and set traps. Last year I had the best luck using mothballs to keep squirrels at bay.  I put out a half dozen dishes of the smelly pellets.  So far no squirrels have gotten in so I think I've got the edge on critters this year.

Before the new flooring goes down, the walls will get screw holes filled and a coat of paint.  Then it's off to the store to make the decision between carpeting and laminate flooring.  It's only a 5x9 area so cost really isn't an issue.  All I have to do is decide.