Saturday, March 2, 2013

Converting My Minivan...Part One, The Plan!

Look at all this glorious space!  A flat floor that will carry a 4x8 sheet.  Headroom that allows me to walk about, though bent over at the waist.  All this plus 25 mpg... This will be more than adequate for my new travel arrangements!

Step one was to pick up a piece of carpet at the local Menard's store.  Much easier to shake out a rug than try to vacuum dirt and grit out of the automotive carpeting.

Next I headed to Walmart to pick up a 4" memory foam mattress topper.  Nope, not today...Out of stock.  No matter tomorrow I'll be back at Menard's to load up on plywood and pine boards.  The mattress can wait for awhile yet.

I learned with the old Stealth Van that being able to quickly revert back to cargo carrying abilities is worth taking into account when laying out the interior.  For this build out I'm planning a twin sized bed that starts behind the front seats.  That leaves about 2' available beyond the bed at the back of the van.

By using the first 75" of a 4x8 sheet for the bed, the remaining 21" can be the base for a chuck box, or kitchen cabinet.  The whole works will be a one piece unit that will slide in and can be just as easily slid out for times the van needs to haul cargo.  The bed portion will be raised 6" giving generous storage space underneath  the bed.  The chuck box at the rear will be about 2' high and divided up into different cubbies sized to fit assorted items associated with cooking.

The bed will in effect be a box.  4'x6"x75" with a removable, possibly hinged, top.  The rear wall of the chuck box will drop down into a table position allowing for food prep, cleaning up, or what ever other task needs to be addressed.

The front wall of the chuck box will serve as the headboard for the bed.   I can mount a light on top that will act as a reading light when pointed toward the front and light the work surface of the kitchen when pointed aft.

All sorts of extra fixtures and conveniences come to mind to add versatility to the package but for this weekend it will be shopping for building materials.  Then a few days next week will be spent at the cabin creating the new and more economical Stealth Van.  Of course more pictures will follow...Stay Tuned!


Dan said...

Hi Curtis, thanks for your posts. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the new rig. I'm building a shell for my truck now and look forward to fitting it up for a bit of travel later this year. I'm sure I'll take into consideration what you do with the new van. :)


Cyrus said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how your conversion comes out!

Cyrus said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how your conversion comes out!