Friday, February 11, 2011

Extend Your WiFi Range, Find Hot Spots Easier

For just a few bucks finding free access to the internet becomes a whole lot easier.  Click on the link and see how I increased my range 5 times better than stock.
Reviewing the Realtek Antenna and Adapter
Photo by: Curtis Carper

Wiring Short Cuts, Big Mistake

In a hurry to get it up and running just about sent the Stealth Van Dwelling up in flames for good.  Click on the link and read what happened.
Wiring Shortcuts Lead to Fires!
Photo by: Curtis Carper

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Will Kill You

In an effort to remain safe with a propane heater running I added this detector.  It got it's first real test less than a week later.  Click on the link and read what happened.
Smoke/Carbon monoxide detectors can save your life!

Photo by: Curtis Carper

More Heat I Say, More Heat

Van Dwelling at -35 below zero takes a bit more heat if you want to avoid being a polar Popsicle. Click on the link and see how I beat the extreme cold and slept snug as a bug.
The Remington 18,000 btu heater will keep you warm!
Photo by: Curtis Carper