Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hard Winter Frost Is Now Soft Unstable Ground

This is what our motorhome looked like a month ago. Picture the snow gone and last weekend we were itching to get started on preparing it for the new season.

After one trip in and out of the storage lot we were lucky. The ground was so soft we were sinking almost 6" and any further movement would have had us stuck for sure.

The guy with the Bounder wasn't so lucky. Trying to back out of his side yard storage spot left him with his rear bumper sitting on the black top. In this picture he used his on board hydraulic leveling system to rescue himself from a real mess. It took him all afternoon, but eventually he was able to lift and fill in his frame deep ruts with wood blocking and he drove the motorhome out without a wrecker.

Sometimes being small like a van is better, especially when your dealing with soft spring ground.

Photos by Curtis Carper