Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Teardrop Trailer, You Can Live in This Too

Here we go, a small investment will get you a cozy little home to pull behind your economical gas miser car. Most smaller cars are rated to pull up to 1,000 lbs, most teardrop trailers are much lighter then that.

You can have everything you need neatly tucked away in your little trailer.

Click on the link and you will be taken to all the good scoop about Teardrop Trailers.

Trailers Don't Have To Be Big! Photo by: Liftarn

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not all Traveling Homes are Stealthy

Not all methods of living on the road are small and cramped. Some can be quite palatial. Of course they cost a bit more and being stealthy isn't much of a concern. They can still stay for free at Truck Stops, and your less likely to be rudely treated by authorities when they see a quality machine like this.

Click on the link and see more information on taking a transit bus to heights it hasn't seen before.

Travel Like A Star!

Photo by: Curtis Carper

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Stealthy Cargo Trailer

Mine was a 6'x10' plain white trailer with a big door on the back. When closed you had no idea it was anything more then just a cargo trailer. Opening the back door and tying it back brought you to a second wall and entry door. Completely done in cedar, with a coating of polyurethane it looked like the entry to a small back woods cottage.

Clicking on the link will give you the full story. Be sure to come back, there's plenty more stuff to
read.  Stealthy Cargo Trailers.
Photo by: Curtis Carper

Tiny Houses, Built on Trailers

Tiny 100sq ft houses, while not a van or converted vehicle they are in the right direction of very small living spaces that can move about the country. Built on flat bed trailers, they can be moved as simple as hitching up the pickup truck. Highly energy efficient little dwellings.

Click on the title to learn more about these unique residences. Photo by: Telstar Logistics

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Clean Van Dweller

Even Stealth Van Dwellers need to take a shower now and again. After a week or so not only will the public avoid you, but you'll be looking for ways to get out of your skin. There are some options that can keep you clean beyond what you can get from a sponge bath or some clean wipes.

Click on the link and find out ways to keep yourself acceptable to everyone. Portable Showers

photo by: Libby Baker

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

High Class Van Dwelling/or Maybe a School Bus

Wouldn't be nice to have a rig like this to live down by the river with. Better have some deep pockets, this one will cost you the better part of $100,000. At least you can take a shower in it.

Not within reach of your pocket book, how about an old school bus. Click on the link and you'll find a few ideas that may send you running to the nearest bus dealer.  Make An RV Out Of A School Bus

Photo by: Curtis Carper

Thursday, May 8, 2008

House Truck, an Alternative Lifestyle

We've been exploring the Van Dwelling lifestyle, here's an article that goes a different way. Hardly a Stealthy way of traveling. If your ability to build is calling for your own personal touch on a larger and more comfortable scale be sure to explore this option.

Click on the title and check out this article and the links it contains. You'll be breaking out the hammer and saw for sure when your done reading.

Photo by: Jexcar

The Micro-Mini Stealth Van Dweller

Almost any vehicle will work for Stealth Van Dwelling. Take this Geo Side Kick, it ain't real pretty but it will go almost anywhere and get 30mpg. With some modifications it would work.

Even the modest sub compact car or mini-SUV. Click on the title to find out how you too can travel for penny's as compared to the full sized van.

Photo by: Curtis Carper