Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Van Dwelling in a Mini-van

Times are getting tougher, a full sized van is comfy living, but a bit expensive when it comes to gas. It's a tighter squeeze, but you can still be comfortable using a Mini-Van as your Stealth Van Dweller address.

Click on the title and see how you can stretch your gas dollar by living in a mini-van.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Less is More When it Comes to Stuff

Leaving 90% of your belongings behind is hard to do. The space available in a Van is pretty limited. There's nothing worse then feeling like you can't turn around because your stuff has squeezed you out. This next article will help you make those hard decisions and give you some good ideas as to how to maximize your space.

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How to Make Money While Van Dwelling

Are you new to town, just arrived and low on funds. We've all been there at some point. The freedom of Stealth Van Dwelling provides you with the ability to fold up shop and move on when opportunities dry up. Be it a few hundred miles or across the country, when you arrive at your next location and need to start bringing in some money to survive, this article will give you some good options.

Click on the link to see many ways a van dweller can make some money. Making Money!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Avoiding Breakdowns

The one event that takes the majority of Stealth Van Dwellers away from their chosen lifestyle is the breakdown. That is the mechanical failure of their home on wheels. It may take your mental state and put it into breakdown as well, but for this section the issue is having your home join the ranks of being dead alongside the road.
Click on the link and you will quickly be directed to the best way you can avoid loosing your home to a impound lot when faced with mechanical problems that have taken your freedom from you.
Avoiding breakdowns
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Friday, April 11, 2008

Where Can I Hide for the Night

Where to spend the night? The critical question. Some are legal, and others are bordering the other side of the fence. Which you chose is a personal judgment call on your part. This site is not responsible in the event you are confronted by the authorities.

Click on the link and you will be delivered to some good information about where to park when your living as a Stealth Van Dweller.

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Making Electricity

It won't be home until you can plug in a fan, power up your computer, or click on the TV. Every Van Dweller will find themselves very restricted unless they can come up with someway to have electricity available to them.

Wiring the rig to be plugged into an electrical source is a good idea. It won't answer all your needs as what do you do when your hanging out in a parking lot, or staying on BLM land out in the desert.

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Click on the link to travel to your next stop toward building your perfect Stealth Van. Using Solar For Electricity

Building the Perfect Rig

When you fit out your van for living the primary concern will be functionality. Being able to sleep comfortably ranking right at the top of the list. In a real bed at home you can stretch out, get rid of the the kinks and creaks making ourself totally comfortable.

If your Van requires that you sleep in a semi fetal position because the bed isn't long enough, you will never get a good nights sleep. Likewise if it's so narrow you can't roll over to your other side, you'll be constantly waking up to change position.

Make sure how ever you build a bed that you do it so you will be comfortable for the long haul.

Do you plan on cooking in your rig? How about washing facilities? Even entertainment needs to be addressed.

As you layout the necessities of life remember, neat and orderly will not only be more comfortable for you, but will help you address the issue of public acceptance.

Click on the link and you will be taken to a good example of how you can set up your van to address the issues of day to day life while enhancing the value and flexibility of your new address.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Picking an Appropriate Vehicle

Picking the right vehicle for your escape from the 9-5 world is truly an individualistic issue. What works for some is totally unacceptable for others. By carefully choosing your Stealth Vehicle you'll be comfortable and able to live undetected. Be sure to give this point extra consideration before you jump for the first rig to come along.

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The Absolute First Step

Before you even consider what kind of vehicle you want to use, the first concern in this quest for freedom is your financial position.

Debt is an absolute killer for this life style. With an existing debt you are never free. You will have to work, you will have to make payments, you will have to be responsible. This isn't freedom, it's only making an existing problem worse.

When living on the road the whole point is to be able to follow the sun, travel on a whim, explore unknown areas. Being able to experience what your new surroundings have to offer.

How can you do this when your first concern must be making enough money to meet existing financial obligations. Do you want to spend the first half of the month working to meet bills, or do you want to be committed to earning what you need to live. What you need to live is a much smaller amount.

Click on the link to continue to the steps needed to financially prepare for becoming a Van Dweller.

There's a Right Way and a Wrong Way

After reading a blog written by a young man who bought a U-Haul truck and headed to Florida, inspiration came to start this blog to help prevent those with little or no experience from making some serious mistakes.

Breaking away from "Normal Life" is a worth while concept that when approached with forethought and good planning can be a satisfying and legitimate way of life.

Exploring the country in the most cost effective manner possible doesn't require you to become a vagrant, to be looked down on by authorities and the general public.

Click on the title of this article to be transported to an example of the "Wrong" way to leave the high cost of Apartment Renting or Home Ownership behind.

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